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The Global Network and Community for Black Women in Engineering

About Us

Black Women in Engineering is a global community and network of professionals in the engineering industry with a shared mission to foster the advancement and retention of black women working across all engineering sectors and disciplines. 

What We Do

Access to all the tools and resources you need to thrive in today's industry.

Join our curated programme of in-house and online talks and Networking Events, including our signature 'Let's Talk' series, designed to help members learn and exchange ideas in a relaxed setting. We are strong advocates for building and maintaining strong networks and so our events provide the unique opportunity to connect with a network of other black women professionals and leaders in the engineering industry.

Supercharge your career with our specially designed Career and Self-Development Workshops, aimed to provide the necessary tools and support to enable you thrive in your work and personal lives. Whether starting out or exploring change in sectors or roles, we partner with leading specialists to equip our members with skills, confidence & knowledge to enhance their career prospects.

Get exclusive access to bespoke Wellness Workshops and classes tailored to our members to help increase overall personal and workplace wellbeing and productivity . 

Specifically aimed at students, our Engineering Outreach Program is designed to help participants gain valuable engineering experience.

New Arrivals

"I have never seen this number of young female engineers in one space!"

- BWEng Member

"Affirming to know that we have so many shared experiences"

- BWEng Member

"Emotionally liberating and a joy to be involved"

- BWEng Member

"Allyship must be viewed hollistically as mutually beneficial relationships undertaken with a shared goal in mind."

- BWEng Member & Ally

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