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Women Colleagues

Our Mission & Vision

Connecting and Empowering Black Women in Engineering.


Our Mission is to increase the visibility and champion the positive impact of black women engineers and role models across all levels, disciplines and industries.

To provide the tools that will enable them to succeed in their careers while inspiring the next generation of young black girls into engineering.

Our Vision is to build a global network and community where black women in engineering and allies can thrive without bounds or barriers. 

To nurture ours and future generations of black women engineers to come. 


Our Values

In order to be what we set out to be for black women in engineering and the wider engineering community, BWEng is governed by four core values:



We are committed to creating an inclusive community for all our members, partners and stakeholders. An inclusive network that embraces people from all walks of life to promotes diversity in its broadest form.



We accept that excellence manifests in individuals in unique ways. With respect at the forefront of our deeds, we create a community in which transparency and trust thrives. 



We celebrate the diversity within the Engineering Industry and  provide a community where teamwork, trust and generosity are collectively used to foster healthy partnerships.



Our strong morals and ethical principles drive our commitment to being consistent and courageous in our actions. We aspire to the topmost level of honesty and dignity in all our undertakings.
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